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Painting Mode

  • In this mode the downward air flow draws over spray away from the vehicle and breathing zone of the operator, leading to smooth finish and healthier, more comfortable working environment.
  • Blower unit starts and the heavy duty fan supplies high filtered air into the ceiling.
  • Due to positive pressure created by the Air inlet Blower, the dust and paint mist in the booth are compressed to the bottom level and stopped by the floor filters After filteration of particles only the solvent air goes out through exhaust passage.

Baking Mode
  • In this mode hot air with a preset temperature according to the paint type is allowed to circulate through the booth. This aids in quick drying of the paint in a dust free environment which results in a smooth finish
  • Baking Temperature and time is to be set in the temperature controller and timer respectively as per paint manufacturers recommendations.
  • Then the burner is switched on. The timer starts after reaching the pre-set temperature. The burner stops automatically after reaching the preset time.
  • Now the Air inlet Blower will be run for a period of 5 minutes.